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                      CUPCAKES ARE ONE FLAVOR PER DOZEN 
                                  CUPCAKES : $15 doz 
*RAINBOW CONFETTI-vanilla cupcake with sprinkles, vanilla buttercream/ sprinkles
*FRUITY PEBBLES- vanilla cupcake with fruity pebbles, vanilla buttercream/ fruity pebbles
*TOASTED MARSHMALLOW- vanilla cupcake, marshmallow buttercream/ toasted marshmallow
*Butterscotch- yellow cupcake, butterscotch buttercream, crushed butterscotch candy 
*Bubblegum- vanilla cupcake, bubblegum buttercream, gum balls 
*Cow tail-caramel cupcake/vanilla icing/chopped cow tails 
*Chocolate malt-chocolate cupcake/chocolate malt icing/malted milk ball 
*Dulce De Leche-caramel cupcake/caramel buttercream/caramel drizzle 
*Sweet tea with lemon-sweet tea cupcake/lemon buttercream
  *Chocolate orange-chocolate cupcake/orange buttercream
*Chocolate covered peanut-yellow cupcake/chocolate icing/chopped peanuts
*Chocolate covered banana-banana cupcake/chocolate icing/banana chip
*Mexican hot chocolate-chocolate cupcake/cinnamon buttercream
*Rootbeer float-Vanilla cupcake/rootbeer buttercream/topped with a straw
*Chocolate sundae-chocolate cupcake/vanilla buttercream/chocolate drizzle/nuts/cherry
*Cherry coke-Chocolate cupcake with coca cola/cherry buttercream
*Strawberry Lemonade- strawberry cupcake/lemon buttercream icing
*Samoa- rich butter cake/salted caramel icing/toasted coconut/chocolate drizzle
*Blueberry pancake-rich butter cake with fresh blueberries/maple buttercream
*Salted caramel- rich butter or chocolate cupcake/caramel frosting/sea salt 
 *Sweet potato-sweet potato cupcake/vanilla buttercream/toasted marshmallows
*eggnog-eggnog cupcake with cinnamon buttercream
*Maple nut-brown sugar pecan cupcake/maple buttercream
*Autumn spice-spice cake/cream cheese frosting/toasted candied pecan
*Cookies and cream- chocolate cupcake/oreo buttercream/mini oreo
*Snickers-chocolate cupcake/caramel filling/honey nougat frosting/snicker pieces                            
*French toast-cinnamon butter cupcake/maple buttercream
*Apple pie-brown sugar cake/cinnamon"lattise"buttercream
 *Lemon buttercream- vanilla cake with lemon buttercream 
*Creamsicle-orange cake /vanilla filling/buttercream
*Coconut-vanilla cake/coconut buttercream/coconut shavings
*Chocolate mint-chocolate/mint buttercream/chopped andes mints
*Snickerdoodle-cinnamon sugar cake and buttercream
*Cappuccino-chocolate/cappuccino buttercream
*Cherry pie-brown sugar cake/cinnamon "lattise" buttercream
*Chocolate peanut butter-chocolate /peanut butter frosting/resee cup
*Red velvet-traditional with cream cheese frosting
 *Banana-banana cake/ vanilla or peanut butterbuttercream/banana chip 
*Strawberry love-vanilla cake with fresh strawberry buttercream
*Margarita-vanilla cake/lime buttercream/sanding sugar
*Pb&j-yellow cake/jam filling/peanut butter frosting
*Peachy king-vanilla or brownsugar cake/freah peach buttercream
*Snowball-chocolate cake/vanilla filling and buttercream/rolled in pink coconut
*Blueberry lemon-lemon cake with fresh blueberriesand fresh lemon buttercream
*Double fudge-chocolate cake/chocolate frosting
*Double vanilla-vanilla cake/vanilla buttercream/frosting
*candy bar-chocolate or yellow cupcake/chocolate icing/topped with any candybar
*CARAMEL CORN- butter cupcake, caramel buttercream/ caramel corn 
*honey fig- honey cupcake, fig buttercream 
*Cinnamon fig- fig cupcake, cinnamon buttercream 
*Hazelnut- Nutella cupcake and buttercream,crumbled Ferraro Roche  
*Red velvet Oreo - red velvet cupcake, Oreo buttercream 
* Dark chocolate strawberry- dark chocolate cupcake with strawberry buttercream 
*Pumpkin spice latte'-pumpkin cupcake/coffee flavored buttercream 
*White chocolate macadamia-butter cupcake/white chocolate chips/macadamia nuts/ vanilla buttercream/crumbled cookie topping
*Mississippi Mud-chocolate cupcake/marshmallow center/chocolate icing/pecans 
*Tarimisu- esspresso soaked vanilla cupcake/mascarpone icing/dark chocolate shavings
*Cannoli-cinnamon cupcake/mascarpone icing/chocolate chips 
*Blackeberry cobbler-golden butter cupcake/blackberry filling/vanilla buttercream/pie crust cookie on top  
*Maple Bacon- golden butter cupcake/maple buttercream/crumbled bacon
*Banana Pudding-vanilla cupcake/banana pudding/vanilla buttercream/vanilla wafer
*Boston cream pie-yellow cupcake/vanilla custard/chocolate ganache
*Honey Lavender- lavender vanilla cupcake/honey buttercream/ topped with lavender   
*Hummingbird- Buttery cupcake/bananas/pineapples/ cream cheese frosting/nuts  
*Chocolate covered strawberry-cream filled chocolate cupcake/chocolate icing/strawberry
*Chocolate covered cherry-cherry cupcake/chocolate icing/chocolate covered cherry
*Almond joy-chocolate cupcake/vanilla buttercream/coconut/ whole almond
*Banana split- Banana cupcake/strawberry buttercream/chocolate drizzle/pineapple
*Pina Colada-pineapple cake/rum filling/coconut buttercream/topped with a cherry
*Italian cream-butter pecan cupcake/buttery coconut pecan frosting 
*Lemon raspberry- vanilla cupcake/raspberry puree'/lemon buttercream
*Fresh apple- fresh apple cake/cinnamon buttercream
*Pecan pie-butter pecan cake/ brown sugar buttercream/pecans
*Pumpkin-Pumpkin cupcake/cinnamon cream/cream cheese frosting
*Turtle- chocolate or Butter cake/caramel filling/chocolate frosting/pecans
*Caramel apple-spice cake/chopped apples/caramel frosting/toasted pecans
*Tropical-coconut cake/pineapple buttercream/toasted coconut
*Smores-chocolate cake/marshmallow buttercream/mini graham/chocolate
*White chocolate raspberry-white chocolate cake/raspberry puree'/vanilla buttercream/white chocolate shavings
*Pineapple upside down-yellow cake/caramelized brown sugar/pineapples/cherry
*German chocolate-german chocolate cupcake/caramel coconut pecan frosting
*Chocolate chip cookie dough-yellow cake/cookie dough center/chocolate frosting/mini chocolate chip cookie
*Carrot-traditional carrot cake with cream cheese icing
*Pistachio-pistachio cupcake/vanilla buttercream/chopped pistachios
*BLACK FORREST- chocolate cupcake, cherry filling. Chocolate buttercream
Adult Cupcakes: $20 doz
*Baileys irish
BAILEYS IRISH CREAM-chocolate cupcake/baileys irish cream icing
*BOURBON PECAN-butter cupcake/bourbon buttercream/toasted pecan
*HOT BUTTERED RUM- butter cupcake/rum buttercream/touch of cinnamon
 *STRAWBERRY CHAMPAIGN- strawberry cupcake/champaign buttercream
PINA COLADA- rum cupcake, pineapple filling, coconut buttercream

Each box comes with 3 each:
Cinnamon roll
Maple bacon
Blueberry pancake
French toast

 CAKES $30 2 layer
White chocolate rasoberry torte-white chocolate cake/raspberry puree'/whipped white chocolate frosting
Chocolate fudge-chocolate cake and frosting/white chocolate curls 
Lemon-vanilla cake/lemon buttercream 
Coconut-coconut cake/vanilla buttercream/shaved coconut
Chocolate mint-chocolate cake/mint buttercream center/chocolate frosting/andes mint garnish 
Peanut butter chocolate-chocolate cake/peanut butter center/chocolate Buttercream/peanut butter cups
Candy bar- chocolate or butter cake with chocolate icing , topped with your favorite candy bars

Lemon blueberry
Pumpkin cream cheese
Chocolate fudge
Rainbow confetti
Snicker doodle
Chocolate cappuccino
Orange cream
Strawberry cream
Lemon cream

Pumpkin torte-2 layers of pumpkin cake/cream cheese frosting/caramel/pecans
Italian cream-rich buttery cake/ pecans/cream cheese icing 
Chocolate strawberry fantasy cake-chocolate cake/chocolate buttercream/ganache/topped with white chocolate covered strawberries
Carrot cake-layers of carrot cake with pineapple/coconut/nuts/cream cheese frosting/topped with toasted nuts and buttercream carrots

8"round  2 layer  $30 -$36 serves- 12-15
10" round $45 serves-28-30
1/4 sheet  1 layer  $35 serves-up to 24
1/2 sheet 1 layer $45 serves-up to 50
*Custom artwork subject to additional charge

9x13 pan $18
Choice of frosting:
Salted caramel

9x13 pan $25
Almond Joy

 WHOOPIE PIES $20 doz- (two hand held cakes with cream center)
Red velvet
Chocolate vanilla cream
Pumpkin cream cheese
chocolate with chocolate filling
Chocolate with mint filling
Chocolate with peanut butter filling

 COOKIES $18 2 dz
Pumpkin with cream cheese icing -seasonal
Chocolate chip
White chocolate macadamia

Bar COOKIES $18 dozen
Magic squares- chocolate and butterscotch chips, coconut, nuts, graham cracker crust

Special requests welcome and  local delivery is always free! 
 Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express,personal checks and cash accepted. 
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